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the discovery of Organic farming was the first big step towards civilized life

In year 2018 BHUMITRA was established and in the very first year, Our company won first prize from the Vidharbha region and second prize from Maharashtra in the "Start-Up India" campaign driven by Government of India. Our business is growing by farmers for the farmer, with the help of new technology and modern equipment "BHUMITRA" helping farmers endlessly. We are taking efforts to help farmers to give more yield at a lesser cost. Our vision and mission are to give increasing yield and soil fertility. our objective is to provide our endless services. By that objective, we are also providing our endless service in Soil/Water testing.

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Our Services

Soil Testing

Soil tests can help to determine soil fertility levels, and identify nutrient deficiencies, potential toxicities and trace minerals.

Organic Farming consultancy

We are specialist advisers who provide technical, commercial and financial advice and information to farming, agricultural.

Training and Guidance for Farmers

We provide Training and Guidance to the farmers for Quality production.

Water Testing

We provide water testing because in case of irrigation, the salts are applied with the water and remain behind in the soil as water evaporates or is used by the crop.